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Luke Mannion is an English Artist based in Sydney, Australia. 


His bright and colourful paintings cover a variety of subjects, such as the Australian landscape, his love of beautiful plants and summery scenes of the city that he calls home - Sydney. He also explores more conceptual themes such as meditative abstraction and what it means to him to be a member of the LGBTQ+ community. 


Influenced by pop and fauvism, Luke incorporates many styles commonly found in both movements. 

After migrating to Australia in 2017, Luke began experimenting with his artistic style once he settled in Sydney and has since sold many works with Online Art Galleries, taken part in group shows and completed a number of commissions.


Luke co-founded with Tym Yee in 2021. is an online store servicing a growing community of emerging and established Australian artists with pre-framed canvases, cotton / poly cotton / linen rolls and custom float framing. 


2008 - Art and Design (Advanced GCE) 

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